Special Voices

Special Voices By Chrissie Mena (Co-Founder of www.living60010.com)

Special Voices from a heartbroken mother that did not know she was a carrier of Pompe's disease.  Please read Melissa Palmer's story.

Someday, I will become an orthopedic surgeon like my Dad.
And fix people’s hips and knees and shoulders and feet and backs.
I will make the best out of my job.
And I might even fix famous people.
(my Dad has fixed many famous people).
Right now, I am going into 5th grade
and writing a someday poem
about my wishes and dreams
and everything I want to be and do.
(like an orthopedic surgeon).

Someday, I will skydive out
of the biggest airplane ever
and feel the breeze blowing against my hair and fly. 
I will flap my arms around like a bird 
and do frontflips and backflips in the air
then I will press the button on my suit 
and a giant parachute will pop out 
and I will gracefully glide to safety.
In the meantime, I ride my scooter
and feel the light breeze against my hair
as I wait and wait and wait
for my Dad or Mom to allow me to go skydiving or some other awesome activity.

Someday, I will bungee jump off of a giant bridge
and then shoot to the moon
and then to it over and over again
until I’m so dizzy that even my eyes are wobbling. 
And people will ask to interview me
for the first bungee jumping
moon shooter ever
and I will say “No thanks
I did it for the fun, not the fame.”
As for today, I slide down the stairs
on a gymnastics mat waiting and waiting 
And waiting and waiting for my parents
To let me skydive or bungee jump.

Someday, I will be on my favorite game show
“Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader.”
and I will win the one million dollar prize 
And buy a ginormous mansion and 
then use the rest on a pool and arcade.
Today, I answer trivia questions 
On my iPad get some right
And some wrong and practice
and practice.
- Charlie Palmer -

This is our pride and joy who is named Taylor Mae  - oldest and she is setting a fabulous example for others.
Shawn and I could not be any prouder. We won the lottery with her. She is an awesome sibling to "team Palmer" and we miss her entirely when she is at Iowa we would love for her to move home after college and work in her post graduate degree here .
I think that  is one of the one of the only Chemical  Engineering students in the program now. She shows her friends at U of Iowa this by loving others and she supports them. IT is cool to be a female and exceed in Math and Science, love your family and friends and embrace philanthropy. She is the real deal and an example of positivity that I'm proud of. 

"We are all "Survivors" of something"
- Melissa Mae Palmer

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